Kim Kardashian Slays On Vogue India’s Cover And Pictures Are On The Point

Kim Kardashian West is a celebrity who needs no introduction because her hotness is world famous. She managed to make a name for herself with her reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians.

But, this year she is gracing the famous magazine’s cover whose part every celebrity wants to be. Kim gracing the cover of Vogue India, for the March 2018 issue. This is the first shoot of Kim for any Indian title and she slays it wearing outfits by Indian designers such as Sabyasachi, Anita Dongre, Anamika Khanna, Falguni & Shane Peacock, and JADE by Monica & Karishma.

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Afraid of Failure? These Quotes Will Give You Power To Fight

One needs only courage to win

Everyone must be agreed with Instagram being the one platform where one can find the pages of fashion, food, travel, quotes on love, life, success, motivation and what not! There are thousands of pages on Instagram that motivates a person to deal with the life. There are so many poets on this platform who are encouraging the users to chase their dreams, fight with odds through their poems and quotes.

Among the poets on Instagram, there is one poet named Morgan Harpes Nicholas who shares her poems and quotes on life’s biggest fear – Failure. Her quotes on failure give the strength to face and challenge the hurdles of lives. Nicholas’ tales stress on ‘you’re your own hero’ which everyone is trying to showcase these days. Nicholas quotes are little packets of motivation that we need to have a look at least once.

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These Quotes From ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ Will Play The Strings Of Your Heart With Pain

There’s something about menacingly sad movies that just drives a dagger of love and passion into our souls like the very popular words by John Green’s “The Fault in Our Stars.”

It is a touching and heart‑wrenching love story about two teenagers whose battle to win over cancer made us cry our hearts out. As well as the quotes from the novel are enough to play the heartstrings with pain.

Here are 15 quotes from it that will teach you the pain is more what you feel:

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6 Differences Between A Feminist And A Psuedo Feminist You Must Read

There are feminists, and then there are pseudo-feminists!

Bonjour friends! Female is strong, and female is equal to men. Ohh yeah! we are living in a world of Feminism. But for those who don’t know what pseudo-feminist means and how it is quite different from feminism-

“Pseudo-Feminist is a person that claims to be a feminist yet ignores the main point of feminism, equality. Pseudo-Feminists will tend to blather on about how terrible men are, or assume how men do not face social issues in regards to their gender.”

Well, somewhere I feel everything that around us is a hidden sexist agenda and all this is the name of Feminism. So, dear! True feminism is probably about the equality of sexes. And, what’s going around us is pseudo-feminism!

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These Franz Kafka’s Quotes Will Help You Unwind The Difficulties Of Life

Hello Readers! Life is full of complexities and difficulties but the winner is those who go through from the hurdles with a smiling face. There is the lot of changes we face in life, and trust me all changes are good and one should accept it.

And, a German-language novelist and short story writer, Franz Kafka whose work is read widely across the globe will have the power to give strength to those who are shattering to travel the path of difficulties.

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Make Your First Kiss Successful With These Tried And Tested Tips

Let The First Kiss Always Be The Special

Hey readers!
How was your Valentine? Did you find your love? Did you kiss your love? Did you make the day memorable for your love? I’m sure the lovers didn’t leave any stone unturned to make the day more special for their love.
But what about the ones who are still in the queue of waiting to feel their first kiss! For all the beginners who do not know how to kiss their partner perfectly for the first time, here are a few tips that will make the first kiss terrifyingly exciting for them. As the first kiss is a big deal and it has to be cracked perfectly. The basic knowledge and understanding are crucial, so scroll down to know the tips.

#It’s A Magic

Everyone means almost everyone on this planet whether men or women want to look beautiful, but struggling to stay fit with an unhealthy lifestyle.

But, what if I introduced you to some magical foods that have capabilities to slow down the process of aging and give you the glamorous and glories skills. Yes, from berries to bear people try so many different things to slow down the ageing process. But, trust me these 7 things are the best.

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