6 Differences Between A Feminist And A Psuedo Feminist You Must Read

There are feminists, and then there are pseudo-feminists!

Bonjour friends! Female is strong, and female is equal to men. Ohh yeah! we are living in a world of Feminism. But for those who don’t know what pseudo-feminist means and how it is quite different from feminism-

“Pseudo-Feminist is a person that claims to be a feminist yet ignores the main point of feminism, equality. Pseudo-Feminists will tend to blather on about how terrible men are, or assume how men do not face social issues in regards to their gender.”

Well, somewhere I feel everything that around us is a hidden sexist agenda and all this is the name of Feminism. So, dear! True feminism is probably about the equality of sexes. And, what’s going around us is pseudo-feminism!

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